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Be Creative

In our creative room it is all about exploring and learning through our hands; whether splashing during water play, discovering in the sand buckets, painting with brushes or maybe potato stamping, we look to teach techniques and skills with different media, cutting and sticking, model making and cooking helping to develop the early motor skills.

Be Playful

No encouragement needed here. Our free play time allows the children to get together within groups using the home corner, dressing up clothes, hospital, shopping, large mobile toys, bricks, garage, wooden train, farmyard, puzzles, lego and Sticklebricks to let their imaginations go wild and when things call for some serious running around we have our sports hall, full of balls, scooters, trikes.

Be Calm

Our quiet room is used on a one to one basis, we practice pencil control skills, basic mathematics; shapes and colours, matching, sizes, and nature studies. Seasonal projects are often carried out for wall displays. Each child, during a session, works to their own level with the Nursery staff. We also have our bigger events such as summer parties, parents evenings and Fancy Dress Days where even the babies join in!

A typical experience

Your child is paramount in all that we do. We value and encourage your input and ideas because this allows us to encompass the nursery and home environment. Often ideas that start at home will be used when planning your child’s day, whether it be music, trips out, a favourite book or a new pet. We believe that learning is through hands on experience. Here are some examples of the many ways we achieve this:

Creativity is often linked to outcomes – artwork, playing a musical instrument or singing with rhythm.

However, creativity is more than this, and the HiHo team are always looking at ways they can interact with the children creatively and encourage them to process and develop their creative thinking.

Trips out into the local community bring our projects to life and allows the children to make connections with nursery play e.g. using money in shops, looking at the shapes of windows on houses, counting how many red cars we can see and observing changes to the weather and understanding the effect it has in our world.

We think of ourselves as their extended family and through offering a warm, friendly environment, all our children achieve as they are settled, valued and happy. 

An interest in trains will give us many opportunities: displays, stories, songs and of course a real train journey, where we will take many photographs which allows us to relive the experience.

This is all child initiated, which allows children to make decisions, improve social skills, understand transitions and make sense of the world around them whether they are 3 months or 3 years.

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