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The Nursery

The main nursery is divided into three rooms offering different types of activities. The toddlers and the older children experience all the daily events as well as having their own time in small groups with children their own age.

The Creative Room
Water play, sand play, painting, techniques and skills with different media, cutting and sticking, model making, cooking.

The Play Room
Really for free play within groups of children using home corner, dressing up clothes, hospital, shopping, large mobile toys, bricks, garage, wooden train, farmyard, puzzles, lego and sticklebricks etc. Different toys are available each day.

The Passive Room
This is our quiet room where, on a one to one basis, we practice pencil control skills, basic mathematics, shapes and colours, matching, sizes and nature studies. Seasonal projects are often carried out for wall displays. Each child, during a session, works to their own level with the Nursery staff.We also have our bigger events such as Teddy Bears Picnic, Sports Day, Parties and Fancy Dress Day where even the babies join in!

Babies (0-18 months)

We are able to look after six babies in their seperate suite of play room and cot room. Our highly qualified and experienced staff are with the babies continuously and are on hand to attend to their individual needs.

Parents are always welcome and we will gladly follow routines set by them. At the end of each session parents are given a report on their babies day.

The bright and cosy playroom has been carefully designed for the younger age group and contains colourful toys, mobiles and mirrors to stimulate the babies. We introduce music and story telling and even painting and messy activities which prove to be great fun! The Cot Room provides a quiet area for morning and afternoon sleeps.

All the babies enjoy walks out with the staff to the parks, beaches and other places of interest with, of course, parental consent. Our aim for the babies is to offer a welcoming "home" environment with lots of care and attention to promote their health and development.

Toddlers (18 months - 2 and a half years)

At 18 months the children join us in the main nursery, although they will have joined us for various activities before so that they can get used to us all. They still maintain contact with the baby room. The toddlers have their own story time with a drink and fruit and a chance to play outside or in our large indoor gymnasium.

Older Children (2 and a half - 5 years)

As with the younger children, they have a chance to take part in all the activities in the three areas. We carry on all the basic skills and develop them to lead on so by the time the child starts school they will be confident and fully prepared. Hillbury House has very close contact with all the local schools.

Our lunchtimes are always a social occasion where the children and staff sit together, and afterwards we have a quiet, relaxing period. If parents wish their child to have a sleep we can provide beds or cots.

Tea time, at around 3.30 provides another social gathering. Before the close of each session, the children have a story time and spend some time singing nursery and number rhymes, both traditional and new, and after each session they bring their work and paintings or models home to show their parents.

All children and babies are taken on outings to parks, beaches and other places of interest with, of course, parental consent.

In addition to the basic curriculum we introduce musical activities including movement and dancing. The children are also encouraged to help with the Nursey pets. We hold informal open evenings throughout the year which gives parents a relaxed time to meet the staff and see the children's work.

"My husband and I have been absolutely thrilled with the care and attention that Gabriella has received in your nursery, which is so well run. Your staff are so friendly and enthusiastic. Gabriella has been extremely happy since she joined a year ago, and we will miss seeing you all on a Monday" Fiona Ireland